About Me

Welcome! I am Jonathan, a dynamically experienced investigative professional with respected audit, analytical, and investigative skills. For the past 7 years, I have been a leader who investigates and audits various fraud for financial institutions, global banking institutions, hospitality (Retail/Restaurant), Fortune Global 500 companies, established law firms, and the City of New York.

As a front-runner in fraud and risk operations, I have developed and administered specific anti-fraud reduction plans. In my professional career thus far, I have succeeded in saving my employers hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent damages and investigating individuals who are suspected of fraudulent corruption.

My proficiency in investigative and compliance management, allows me to provide a methodical approach to improving the overall bottom-line by utilizing distinctive risk mitigation techniques. My roles in compliance, internal auditing, financial investigations and fraud prevention reflect a career of proven success driven by a rigorous process.

Distinct experiences

Through my distinct experiences, I have a unique ability to unify my abilities in auditing, training and investigations to produce innovative ideas and provide stability and growth while improving the company's competitive advantage. I can efficiently manage organizational objectives independently and collaboratively while achieving concentrated results for the company.

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